Michael O. Spicely Scholarship Recipient

Phillip Bishop was this year’s recipient of the Michael O. Spicely Book Award, a $600 renewable book stipend which TeachersBox LLC will award annually to a cancer survivor who exemplifies tenacity, exemplary academic achievement, and impeccable character. Currently a freshman at Valley Forge Christian College, Phillip is an incredible young man with a compelling personal story.

As a five year old I was diagnosed with Osteogenic Sarcoma, which is a type of bone cancer. I endured a limb amputation that left me with a prosthetic leg, so my cancer diagnosis literally “shaped him” into the person that I am today. But I am by no means “handicapped” because my “disability” does not define me, nor has the leg amputation precluded me from academic and athletic achievements. In fact, my greatest challenge has been securing adequate resources to fund my tuition.  I was awarded scholarships from Fine Arts, the Royal Rangers, and my church, but I’ve struggled to secure all of the funds needed to cover my educational expenses. So I’m excited that a renewable grant from TeachersBox LLC will put me one step closer to achieving my academic goals.